R. Holly

Thank you so much for providing your wonderful service in such a moments notice.  The ladies you sent were very nice and very efficient.

I would recommend your service highly and use you again. 

Thank you for each and everyone that had a hand in taking care of mom (L. Waite).  Grace was a truly "God Send" our "Angel".

B. Ruby

I would like to thank you for providing the wonderful care given by your caregivers especially Jennifer, please thank her for me.  He enjoyed her company & all the help she gave during the last few months of his life.  We will always be grateful.  Thank you for all you've done for us and your prayers. 

B. Evans

M. Kalis, Fudiciary

I'll not be able to adequately express the deep appreciation that we have for the wonderful service that you provided along with the excellent care given by your staff.  It was very helpful to us to know that Dorhty was so lovingly cared for during those last months of her life.  

We had the pleasure of working with you and your staff during my father's last few weeks in December.  As you know, you were not the first service we used.  It was out of frustration with that service that we found you.  From the very beginning, you and your staff acted very professionally and treated all our family with respect and compassion.  Most importantly, you assigned Maria to my father's care.  She provided excellent, loving care to him during his last weeks and during the hours of the night which were most difficult for all of us.  We can't thank Maria enough for her professional yet personal approach.  She ended up being an immense relief to us all.  

Additionally, I want to thank you for having professional and timely billing practices.  It may seem like a minor issue but during these times it makes it so much easier to have the business end handled with courtesy and efficiency.

On behalf of my whole family please accept our thanks for your service.

 J.D. Sanders, Ph. D.

Thank you for sending Nobia to me.  She is not only a very good worker but also a good-hearted soul. 

E. Beier

Since my mother passed away in July, I have thought often about the care she received while a resident of Chris Ridge.  As you know, she became a resident in March 2011 after deciding that she could no longer live independently in her Scottsdale townhouse.  At the age of 88, she was an active, independent person but broke her wrist and could not perform many daily personal functions without assistance. 

As with many senior individuals who are reluctant to give up their years of independence, she finally realized that she would benefit from the personal care and attention provided at a senior care home.  She chose Chris Ridge for a variety of reasons, and one of the important issues was the availability of services to assist her during her period of recuperation and acclimation.  Fortunately, Compassionate Home Care was the provider on site.


We retained the services of Compassionate Home Care for several hours a day to help my mother with her basic needs and to check in on her several times a day to ensure her safety.  What I thought would be routine visits turned out to be much, much more.  The women who assisted her, Jennifer, Jessica, and Kayla, were one of the major reasons my mother enjoyed her stay and thrived at Chris Ridge.  All three were highly responsible for performing their duties.  They helped my mother in the bathroom, made sure she received breakfast, dressed her in the mornings, and visited her during the day.  Certainly, those were the duties for which we were paying a modest rate.  

The real value provided by Jennifer, Jessica and Kayla is that they kept her alive, both physically and emotionally.  They stood by while my mother received both occupational and physical therapy and followed up with regular reminders and assistance so my mother could get back her strength.  They drove her to doctors' appointments where I met them so I could be part of the health discussions.  When she took ill on a couple of occasions that required emergency hospitalization, one of the "girls" was present, made the decision to transport her, and accompanied her to the hospital.  They all followed up with visits, phone calls, and sincere concern.  One of the girls was present when my mother experienced a final serious health incident and contacted me immediately so I could meet them in the emergency room.  I know my mother would have died on each of these occasions if the girls had not been so quick to respond.  

The girls were also invaluable in assisting my mother with her emotional health.  As you know, it is a difficult adjustment for someone who has been independent her entire life to move into a care home.  My mother would not have made that adjustment without the girls becoming part of her life.  When I visited, I always noticed that my mother was having fun with the girls~~looking at family pictures, comparing clothes, talking about the other residents, decorating the apartment, planning the next day's extracurricular activity, etc.  My mother did not have daughters or granddaughters and missed out on the bonding that occurs between women or different generations.  These girls became her granddaughters.  My mother met their children, listened to their family dynamics, female thoughts, and she sincerely loved each one.  

The most touching aspect of their relationship was when all three girls attended my mother's funeral and memorial service.  This was time away from their families and duties with other residents, certainly not required or expected, but they took the time to pay their respects.

There are many reasons why I am thankful for what Jennifer, Jessica, and Kayla and Compassionate Home Care did to make my mother's time at Chris Ridge as safe and pleasant as it was.  It is during this season of holidays for all of us that I want you to know how much I appreciated everything that was done for my mother.  I am hopeful that you and your staff can be of as much assistance and bring as much joy to the lives of the Chris Ridge residents as you did for my mother.  


G.E. Gonsher

Thank you so much for bringing Father Anwar to the hospital for my Dad to be blessed & annointed. It meant alot to us and to Maria.  Thank you for all you've done for my family. 

Sincerely, P Smith & Mrs. Burns

Dorothy's last year was difficult after a fall in February of 2010. In June it was necessary to have 24 hour care for her and we were all delighted with the loving and wonderful care she received from her care givers from Compassionate Home Care.

M. Kalis, 


Hello Jelyne!


Shannon and I want to thank you, again, for the excellent service that your staff provided for my father on his visit to Arizona, last month.  My father is a shy and self-conscious person and was very nervous about meeting new health care professionals but his anxiety quickly and easily faded away as each member of your staff came to our home.  They were all cheerful and encouraging as well as patient and compassionate with him.  They helped him feel at ease so that they could meet his needs easily and quickly.  They were all credits to your business.  We're so thankful that we caught your business name as it flashed across the movie screen at Harkins not long ago and we will keep you in mind for the future.

Sincerely, D. S. Perez

I have been using Compassionate Home Care for about three years for my parents and I can without reservation say that they live up to their name.  Not only are the staff compassionate but they deliver quality care as well; and after working in health care for several decades, I was looking for top quality standards.  The true test came when the pandemic hit and I was not able to visit my father.  Knowing that he was getting the best of care from people I trusted was truly a blessing. 

Sincerely, K Borchers