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Get To Know Us


Bernard P. Capulong

President and CEO

Bernard was born in the Philippines and at a young age, his father's dream was to come to America.  That dream came true and his family eventually settled in a little town outside of Portland, Oregon.  "Growing up in a Filipino home is common to have two to three generations living under the same roof.  Our culture instills in us the values of living with and taking care of our grandparents.  So, it was natural for me to get into the home care industry," said Bernard.


Bernie pursued a career in Accounting which eventually landed him his first sales career.  He realized he found his calling...until God got a hold of him.  He rose to new heights where he spent over 24 years in the financial software industry, parlaying his accounting background.  

God eventually started knocking at his door and urged him to move to Phoenix.  Bernie continued where he left off and eventually finished his education and also graduated from the University of Phoenix and earned his Bachelor's Degree in Business Management.  Armed with the power of knowledge and a new-found desire to enrich his academic prowess, he went on to graduate with an MBA from an east coast Catholic school the Franciscan University of Steubenville.   


Remember God's calling? While he was pursuing his bachelor's degree, the Capulong's stumbled across a home care company that was looking for new ownership.  Without any experience in the industry, they put their trust in God and the rest was history.   

"There isn't one day I don't thank Our Lord Jesus Christ for finding me a career, rich with God's perfect providence, that yields spiritual rewards as the home care industry does," says Bernard.  


CHC is going on its thirteenth-year serving the greater Phoenix West.  

Jelyne C. Capulong

Vice President of Health Services

As Vice President, Jelyne Capulong oversees the organization’s health and wellness services and standardized individualized plan of care, ensures that safe and exceptional care is delivered with paramount value to meet the clients’ unique needs. Since its’ inception, she played a pivotal role in developing and launching Compassionate Home Care services in the community. She derives from many years of diligence in advocating for various clients and expertise in comprehensive discharge planning, transitional care management, home health and hospice nursing, and built solid reputable networking relationships within the community health arena.


Jelyne has served in various roles in community health nursing and leadership for more than 28 years. Her passion for nursing, keeps her inspired to also serve as a nursing professor at Grand Canyon University to help empower, educate and mentor caring nurses in the community.

Jelyne earned her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Phoenix. As well as a Master’s Science in Nursing specialized in Nursing Education from Grand Canyon University. She is a fellow in Sigma Theta Tau Honor Nursing Society. Jelyne volunteers for several service organizations and charity foundations including Maricopa Public Health Nurse Emergency and Disaster Planning and Preparedness.

Alma Close up.jpg

Alma G. Aguilar

Office Manager/Scheduler

Alma was Born in Mexico, she moved with her parents and siblings to California where she graduated from High School and College as a Medical Assistant. After moving to Arizona in 2011, Alma began her career with Compassionate Home Care as an intern and eventually accepted full-time employment back in 2011. Alma is responsible for making sure our Caregiver's on and off the field, have the tools they need to be successful in any situation.  Alma lives with her family in the west side Phoenix and enjoys spending her days-off traveling to Mexico and spending time with her family.  

Charlie D. Medrano

Community Outreach Coordinator

Charlie Medrano is a Community Outreach Coordinator with Compassionate Home Care.  His number one priority is to offer exceptional client care to our Senior communities and private homes. As a Coordinator, he acts as the marketing arm and community liaison for Compassionate Home Care.  His focus is to work with rehabilitation campuses, placement services, home health, and hospice agencies that share the same goals to meet the needs of the clients. While he continues to foster the community goals, Charlie engages himself as a professional advocate that builds relationships at the hands of our community and clients. His overall mission is to promote the message of profound compassion and unwavering commitment to ethical and loving service for the community and organizations. “I continue to strive for advocacy for our geriatric community and to foster deep relationships within the business community.  I have made it our mission to seek out professional and caring employees who will continue to strive and seek the same goals lined up with our mission statement,” said Charlie.

Charlie’s compassion comes from an extensive background in Criminal Justice. His history consists of twenty years in the Maricopa County Adult Probation/Officer of the Superior Court which after several loyal years he retired, and also retired after five years as a Maricopa County Juvenile Detention Officer.

Charlie’s Education background consists of a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Police Science; and a Master of Science degree, in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Legal Studies.

Charlie Medrano.jpg

Teri Medrano

Community Support Manager

Teri Medrano is the Community Support Manager for Compassionate Home Care.  Her role is to manage a team that provides in-residence, facility-based home care service, also known as “Mode De Vie”.  Mode De Vie means “Lifestyle” in French and her team is focused on easing the worries and care of the client’s daily routine and responsibilities, so they can concentrate on refining their lifestyle.  Her love for caring for others began in a very personal way - by caring for her own family.  She gave up a successful 16-year career in pharmaceutical manufacturing to answer what she calls, “God’s-calling”.  Her altruistic nature coupled with her warmhearted approach to care is what drives her every day to give unselfishly to everyone under her watch.  Teri says, “I’m doing this work because I want to give my clients the same kindness and care that I gave my mother and family members.”  She says, laughingly, “I found myself at 59, finally working in what I was obviously born to do, after doing it for all these years when it wasn’t ‘a job,’ it was just my life.”  Mrs. Medrano is a native Phoenician born and raised in the Phoenix valley.  She is the youngest of 14 children and has over 13 years’ experience in home-care service. 

Caitlyn Capulong

Graphic Design Manager

Caitlyn Capulong is a Graphic Design Manager, rebranding Compassionate Home Care into a new and improved more modernized appearance. This incorporates a new logo design, color palette, font selections, business cards, email blasts, advertisements, photography, and website. She is applying her creative skills and knowledge to grow and manage the social media platforms to increase their digital recognition.

Caitlyn graduated from Grand Canyon University with a BA in Graphic Design and Advertising in April 2020. Driven by her creativity, knowledge, and perseverance, she takes pride in providing the best graphic design experience possible. As a Graphic Designer, her goals include enhancing and refining her creative skills to help other companies flourish. As an Artist, Caitlyn enjoys the use of vibrant colors in her paintings and illustrations of women. Being a local artist, she sells her artwork at local events and on her e-commerce site,

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