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Why Work for Compassionate Home Care?


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We are seeking compassionate, professional and reliable caregivers, CNA's or certified caregivers to provide hourly care up to 24 hours and overnight.  You must demonstrate compassion and patience, show kindness and empathy for the elderly community. We are looking for Big hearts that know how to love a stranger and treat them as if they were their own families.  


Compassionate Home Care is one of the leading non-franchise agencies in the Greater Phoenix West.  We have been blessed to be able to care for those in need for over 12 years.  We are proud that most of our employees have been a part of the CHC family for a minimum of three years.  Several of them have started their careers over eight years ago and they continue to spread the word to their families and friends to join us. Making Compassionate Home Care as an intricate part of their careers is nothing new for this growing agency. Our attrition rate is so low compared to many agencies in the Valley that we are proud to claim we have retained over 45% of our staff since the inception of the company back in September 2008. How did we do that? By recognizing that our staff is as important as our clients.  Let's face it, our staff and caregivers are the reason Compassionate Home Care has an exceptionally upstanding reputation in the community with a plethora of positive and happy references.    

  • Accepting part-time, full-time, and overnight shifts  

  • Flexible schedules that will work around your school or life schedules

  • Competitive pay along with holiday pay

  • Pay over time 

  • Bonus and rewards

  • Minimum one-year experience

  • And much more

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